POOL TILES: To achieve an elegantly finished pool, newly created, but seemingly having been there forever, there are a few tricks of the trade to consider:

1) Carry the coping material into the waterline of the pool

photo 2

2) Start the pool tiling just under the waterline (this helps reduce the build-up of ‘scum’ at the waterline)

3) Choose classic tiles, like 48×48, or 58×58 mosaics – very old school, yet elegant


4) Don’t be afraid to use a mottled tile.  Tiles look very different when under water

5) Understand that tiles change the colour of the water.  If you are unsure, order a square metre of the tiles, and create a “pond” in the yard, and fill it with water.  This will give you an indication of what the water will look like.

photo 3

6) Remember that depending on the light, the tiles will appear to change colour (ie in sunlight versus in cloud-cover)

7) Dark coloured coping will retain heat, whilst pale coloured coping reflects the light, so will create glare.

photo 4

8) Pool copings can be created from any stone by a stonemason.  Various edges can be achieved, from square-edged, to rounded bullnoses.

photo 5

Contact Kate Walker to discuss and view the latest pool tiles available

0422 425 523

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