KWD Update

So what’s been happening at KWD?

There’s always something new and exciting going on in the KWD world, and this year has been crazy busy! Our client base continues to expand right across the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and interstate, and we love every single project we work on, because of the people we work with.

Our primary focus is to specify, source and supply hard finishes for commercial and high-end residential properties, so we always make sure we know the latest developments and innovations in stone, tiles, timber, carpets and joinery.

Colour plays a vital role in any design, so we ensure we understand the latest colour trends too.  It’s what we love at KWD – making sure we find the right product, and offer the best possible price, and the best service of course!


Our team has grown into a dynamic group of professionals who help to bring everything together for our valued clients.  From the early days in 2013 when there was just a team of two, we are now a team of ten – all adding our own value, experience and expertise so we get our projects completed in full, on time and on budget.


So let’s introduce you to the team, who are like one big family – we debate, we chat, we argue of course, but most of all we laugh and we take care of each other.

Kate oversees all client projects, working closely with James Buddle and Claire Williams – KWD’s Business Development Managers.  James looks after the Melbourne CBD, handling our major commercial and high end residential projects.  Claire specialises in projects on the Mornington Peninsula, from the coast to the hinterland.

Clockwise from top left, our office team is headed by Kelly Clark, who, as Kate’s Executive Assistant, keeps her on track and is the best point of contact for her.  Rachael Campbell is the ultimate Project Manager, and is the key driver to ensure that our projects run on time, in terms of stock procurement and material deliveries.  Jenny Bocskor is Kate’s Personal Assistant, and administration guru.  Melanie Quirk is our Marketing Manager, overseeing our PR, marketing, communications and digital strategies.

Lynne Ashley plays a vital role as our Company Accountant and Jemima Hart is the KWD Librarian, ensuring everything is ordered and in place for easy reference.  Leonie Tonner is our Project Co-ordinator, making sure the team is informed on all facets of each project.

And then there’s Kate.  Kate is so passionate about KWD, about the incredible projects we work on and the amazing people we work with – our clients, the tradies, the developers and the artistic team that works behind the scenes. We will continue to grow and expand and develop what we offer, but the fun and family atmosphere will always stay the same.


Photography by @brentlukey. Kate styled by @tillywalker.

If you’d like to have a chat with the KWD team about your own commercial or residential building or design project, please call the team at KWD on (03) 5974 1800.

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At KWD we look at a project holistically. The sum of all the parts make the whole story work, and it’s this unique approach that sets us apart. The KWD experience provides a streamlined process. We specify, source and supply all hard finishes as well as carpets, rugs, custom furniture and soft furnishings, and manage the procurement, warehousing, freight and quality so every project is worry free. We work closely with interior designers, architects, developers and home-owners, selecting the ideal flooring, designing the perfect joinery and choosing the right paint colours for a wide range of design aesthetics. From finding the perfect paving stones and pool tiles to offering landscaping advice, KWD manages the whole design process. One contact, one invoice and staged deliveries ensure peace of mind. KWD's extensive global network of manufacturers, importers, agents and local wholesalers ensures the selected products are always available. Key supply partners are chosen for their ability to fulfil each project requirement, while our contract negotiation skills will always provide the most outstanding pricing. We often engage architects, draftsmen, lighting designers and builders to complete the design process. We embrace a consultative approach and develop lasting relationships with each and every client. It’s what the KWD team knows and loves. “Design is not a thing we do. It’s our way of life.” Kate Walker

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  1. Fabulous article, Kate! So pleased to hear all your hard work and design know-how is paying such dividends – well done you! And you look completely fabulous, too xx

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