Troy Robinson creates homes for how he would personally like to live in them. It’s all in the details. From the number and positioning of the power points to the quality of the materials throughout the interior to the liveability of the exterior. Each home he builds involves a great deal of personal, professional and financial commitment. The Barn is Troy’s fourth building project. The first property he developed was in Sorrento, the second in Blairgowrie and the third was next door to the one they have just completed at 97c Cook Street in Flinders. The fifth project at 97E is now underway.

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Explains Troy, “I always have the end result in mind and there is an end goal. However the initial plans are just a platform for the property, the structural and design elements evolve as the build develops. I don’t build the properties myself, I sub-contract all the work but I am on site every day. I change things  often and rapidly, as and when I want to according to what feels right to me.  A property evolves like a piece of art. I was brought up in an artistic, energetic environment in a family with seven children, and perhaps that’s why I see things differently. A property is never complete until it’s sold. The build may be complete but the maintenance continues until the new owner takes over the property. The Barn took around 10 months to complete, and we now feel that it’s ready for the real estate market.”


‘The Barn’ sleeps fourteen people and is ideally suited as a holiday home for a large extended family. All the houses that Troy has built from scratch are based on a traditional architectural style with a pitched roof, high ceilings and wide verandas. The modern influence comes into play with the interior finishes and the landscaping. It’s important to Troy that the design of the property is not jarring, but rather in harmony with the natural environment.

“You have to be very patient when you own land and want to build a property.  It is a labour of love and dedication. This property was five years of hard slog to get the quality result we have achieved. It’s a lifestyle and we really enjoy what we do. Working with the subcontractors who make the build come alive is really satisfying.  On this project we were particularly impressed with carpenters Pete and James from Morris Building Group whose talent and expertise are evident throughout the property. They have done an incredible job.”


“Troy only really builds houses for himself,” says Lloyd Robinson, Troy’s father. “It’s really important to him that he builds a house that he himself would be happy to live in, and he often makes changes along the way that he believes will be beneficial to the property. So, it’s quite organic in that way. Most builders don’t have the opportunity to do that because of the economics of a project, but if Troy believes he’s designed something that isn’t quite right then he’ll change it. That may not be terribly efficient in terms of a building process, but it certainly is in terms of the outcome. Troy only engages the most proficient tradespeople – the electricians, the plumbers, the carpenters, the painters, the tilers – he absolutely has the best people on site. And that’s why he enjoys working with professionals like Kate Walker and the KWD team. Kate is a designer who offers a really personalised service with great credentials and really creative ideas, and it’s this calibre of people that Troy gravitates to for every aspect of the project.”


Explains Kate Walker, “Troy is a visionary.  He comes to KWD with incredible plans, he understands what the market wants and appreciates in Flinders, and he creates amazing spaces.  We feel very blessed to be involved in the design process and we offer our expertise in terms of the hard finishes that are on trend, have longevity and will suit the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Understanding that these homes may be permanent houses or weekenders we want them to be very functional with elements of luxury, like wide- board oak flooring, beautiful limestone tiles, Carrara marble and handmade 28mm thick handmade custom carpets. No expense was spared in terms of ensuring that the fit out was exceptional.”


“As a designer it is so satisfying to have freedom in terms of what we specify for the hard finishes. Troy is very discerning in what he selects and we are generally very aligned in terms of our ambitions for the project and what we want the result to be. Troy has a strong vision that we try to encapsulate and enhance.  We show him where he could take that vision with the latest and greatest innovative products, and the end result is always incredibly rewarding.”


The result is a spectacular, contemporary farmhouse-style five-bedroom property. The country-meets-the-coast resort-style homestead with a swimming pool, tennis court and green hedged landscaped garden is a crowd pleaser.

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Clad in ironbark timber, the steel French doors open on to wide verandas beneath stylish slatted pergolas. The impressive 5.5m cathedral ceilings are all about creating an expansive open-concept living area, and the bold lines and organic tones and textures work in perfect harmony with the natural environment.


This very special property is now on the market.  Contact One Agency Peninsula for all the details.

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At KWD we look at a project holistically. The sum of all the parts make the whole story work, and it’s this unique approach that sets us apart. The KWD experience provides a streamlined process. We specify, source and supply all hard finishes as well as carpets, rugs, custom furniture and soft furnishings, and manage the procurement, warehousing, freight and quality so every project is worry free. We work closely with interior designers, architects, developers and home-owners, selecting the ideal flooring, designing the perfect joinery and choosing the right paint colours for a wide range of design aesthetics. From finding the perfect paving stones and pool tiles to offering landscaping advice, KWD manages the whole design process. One contact, one invoice and staged deliveries ensure peace of mind. KWD's extensive global network of manufacturers, importers, agents and local wholesalers ensures the selected products are always available. Key supply partners are chosen for their ability to fulfil each project requirement, while our contract negotiation skills will always provide the most outstanding pricing. We often engage architects, draftsmen, lighting designers and builders to complete the design process. We embrace a consultative approach and develop lasting relationships with each and every client. It’s what the KWD team knows and loves. “Design is not a thing we do. It’s our way of life.” Kate Walker

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